published by Mitos Boyut Publishing House, Istanbul:

  1. Mıknatıs Çocuk (The Magnetboy): A little boy thinks that he has a special gift, which is to be a magnet kid and he feels himself responsible to save the world. And two little detectives will reveal the story behind…

  2. Konuşan Taş (The Speaking Stone): The family has moved to this new town last week. Their daughter, who is called Seçil, needs to find some new friends but she is sometimes so egoistic that the other children don’t want to spend time with her, until the day she talks to a Speaking Stone in her dream…

  3. Çocuk Ülkesi (The Land of Children): Could you believe in a land, where children can do everything they want? If you say „Yes! “, you can come with us to this land but there is only one condition: you have to be a naughty kid! Because only the naughty ones are welcome in this land.

  4. Çirkin Ördek Yavrusu (The Ugly Duckling): –Adaptation- It is not a prerequisite to gaze at your reflection in a lake in order to understand that you are a swan as well as the others. It is a story about everyone who can rediscover his own inner power.

  5. Çıplak Kral (The Emperor’s New Clothes): -Adaptation- How can a child beat a king by the help of his innocent view of the world?

  6. Gizli Dünya (The Secret World): Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood and Puss in Boots, they persuade the little girl, Burçin, that children are still in the need of fairy tales.

  7. Masal Dünya (The World of Fairy Tales): The characteristic Turkish fable figures like Nasreddin Hodja, Karagöz & Hacivat (Turkish shadow theatre characters) and Keloglan persuade the little girl Boncuk that the children still need fairy tales.

  8. Deniz Kıyısı (The Seaside): It is the adventure of the twins at a summer camp where they become aware of the pollution which threatens the environment.

  9. Sevgi Kutusu (The Love Box): A Little boy called Theo is in love with his classmate Theodora and he attracts her attention by the help of his grandpa. However, Theo thinks that he has a big problem because he wants to stay as the single child of the family but he will soon have a brother. Can Theodora help him to change his perspective?

  10. Bilen Kazansın (Let the One Who Knows Win): The world is in serious danger. Only Grandpa Soap, Mr. Medicine, Mr. Toothpaste and Mr. Vaccination have a single chance to save the world in case they win the knowledge competition.

  11. Bir Böğürtlen Masalı (A Berry Fairy Tale): The adventure of Berry, a little girl, and her friends who want to save the world from bad guys coming from a planet called 0-200. Can Berry find a way to stop bad guys sucking the love and energy from humans?

  12. Tosbi: The difficulties and loneliness of a highly gifted boy in a poor and populous family where he is not understood and supported.

  13. Kurbaga Prens (The Frog Prince): –Adaptation- Princess gave a frog her word and than she forgotten it. She tooks her golden ball and than she is gone. The frog understand her big problem: loneliness… In the End they`ll discover what true friendship involves.

  14. Kral Midas (King Midas) –Adaptation of the Greek Myths, about telling secrets, hiding secrets.

  15. Kurt ile Yedi Yavru Keçi (The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids) –Adaptation- especially for kindergarten kids.

  16. Pamuk Prenses Mikroplar Ülkesinde (Snow White in Wonderland) An Adaptation from Snow White and Alice in Wonderland within modern jokes about hygiene and dreams.

Not yet published but performed in different theaters in Turkey

  1. Örümcek kız ve örümcek çocuk written with MÜJDAT GEZEN (Spiderboy and Spidergirl): About little boy, who is a big fan of spiderman. One day he meet spider-man, who is a costumed old actor. He will be his best friend and kind of a good father. Spiderboy has also, a good girl friend in the school. But they got a huge problem: This girlfriends father is conservative and he doesn`t allow their friendship. It`s time for a big rescue-operation.

  2. Küçük Sihirbaz written with MÜJDAT GEZEN (The little Magician) A 8 years old boys big dream is to be a magician. One night he dreamed about a real famous magician. He helps him to learn new tricks, but his friends are not believing him and they stole his magical set.

  3. Kahraman Palyaçolar (Hero-Clowns): 3 funny Clowns are trying to rescue the world from the bad sun’s harmful UV rays.

  4. Noel baba Geyiklerini Arıyor (Santa Claus looks for his deers): It’s Christmas and Santa needs to bring gifts to brave children. But his deers are not there, cause they walked out.

  5. Çizmeli Kedi (Puss in boots): –Adaptation- Funny Adaptation from the original fairy tale. Goodness and intellect can solve all the problems. (WINNER OF THE BEST WRITER AUDIENCE PRICE 2012 )

  6. Peter Pan  –Adaptation- Funny Adaptation from the original book.

Not yet published or performed

23. Aromis Gezegeni (Planet: Aromis) In a planet is a prince, who must learn how to be a good king in the future but he want play with his best friends on the street. One day he fall in love with a kidnapped princess, who is a slave from the bad witches. Everyone is thinking , that he is bewitched. From now on things are getting weird.

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